Cloud PBX

The cloud phone solution for your business revolutionizes your office phone system administration, call management, and user and caller experience with multiple business features – all at a fraction of the cost of outdated PBX hardware.

Hosted PBX Services

The vHiveVoip Hosted Solution is built on an award winning* PBX platform housed in geographic redundant, Tier 1 data centers and features multiple layers of redundancy, failover technology, physical and biometric security, encryption, system hardening, and 24/7 monitoring. With vHiveVoip, your valuable company data and communications are protected by enterprise-grade security.

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A sophisticated virtual receptionist provides effective call management.

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Multi-Level IVR

What are the differences between the Auto-Receptionist and this new Multi-Level IVR?

  • Multi-Level IVR is an optional alternative to Auto-Receptionist that provides more powerful options to route incoming calls.
  • Multi-Level IVR gives you flexibility to create a structured, multiple-layer phone routing menu. You can route the calls to any extension (e.g. user, group, or another IVR menu), a voicemail, or to an external number. It is ideal for multiple locations under one account. And to ensure the highest customer satisfaction, there are always options to speak to a live receptionist if desired.

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Administrator and Role Based Access control

Onboard new users faster, and with fewer errors. Incorporate stronger security and controls over user access to the system.
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User Templates

What type of settings can I define in a Template?

  • You can specify any of these user settings (this is only a partial list):
    • E911 address
    • Language
    • User office hours
    • Answering prompt or greeting
    • Audio while connecting callers to extensions
    • On-hold music
    • Voicemail greetings
    • Outbound caller ID
    • International calling permission (when international calling is enabled)
    • Notification settings for messages
  • Paging Options
  • Client Software Layouts and features

Call Reports

Key features:

  • Intuitive graphical dashboards let you quickly analyze company-wide, department/group, or user-level call history, activities, and patterns.
  • Flexible configuration options enable you to create targeted reports in formats including PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, and text.
  • Saved report preferences make it easy to run frequently used reports on a regular basis.
  • Easily export report data to spreadsheet and visualization tools for closer analysis and polished presentations.


  • Use historical call metrics to track productivity and improve future call usage.
  • Variable views give you flexibility to analyze performance and trends based on call queues, users, or phone numbers.
  • At-a-glance dashboards enable executive staff to quickly understand overall system usage and caller experience.
  • Enable team managers to evaluate team performance and balance workloads based on call volume and call wait times.

Music on Hold

More than just soft music in your client’s ears. Target messaging and music for specific customers.

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Dial by Name Directory

Help callers find the right employee quickly and easily

  • You can set search by first or last name to make it easy for callers to find your employees.
  • Your staff can be reached anywhere, on any of their devices when callers find them in your dial-by-name directory.
  • Choose the extensions you’d like to include in your company directory with a single click or exclude staff that doesn’t want to receive unscreened calls.
  • Make changes to settings in a snap and let your Auto-Receptionist take care of the rest.

Call Monitoring & IM

As a supervisor of sales and support agents, you can better coach and train your staff with access to your teams’ phone calls with clients, prospects, and customers. You can monitor calls in real time, whisper to your employees, enter conversations, and even take over calls.

Benefits of call monitoring:

  • Train your sales and support staff during live calls.
  • Managers can listen in from desk phones or ZAC Softphone. Hearing firsthand how sales and support teams relate to customers, leads, and clients is a valuable resource for evaluation and training.
  • With a simple key command or click of a mouse, you can call whisper directly to your representatives during active calls. The customer doesn’t hear anything; only the employee is privy to on-the-fly directions and suggestions, constructive ideas, sales tips, references to information for aiding support on products, how-to instructions, and more.
  • Call barge-in is another quick key command that empowers managers to jump into a call. The representative is still on the line, but the manager can speak to both the employee and caller. When the need arises, it’s an invaluable tool for steering conversations in the right direction—clarifying details, providing diplomacy during contentious situations, and sharing insights.
  • Being able to take over a call is a tactical advantage. Sometimes leadership is needed to manage either the next phase of a sales deal or a multifaceted support ticket. Managers can easily hop onto the call and relieve the sales or support agent.
  • With the Instant Messaging included with every ZAC client, employees can request assistance or ask questions real time.

Single Sign-In

Benefits of Single Sign-In:

  • Your employees can login using their Windows authentication which encourages your employees to adopt more work applications and tools with less effort.
  • Simplicity—Your users can sign in to the system with one set of validated credentials to access multiple work applications and tools.
  • Convenience—Automatic logins with authentication reduce friction for your users, enhances the overall user experience, and supports work applications adoption.
  • Efficiency—Users no longer need to manage multiple usernames and passwords, which reduces the burden of password recoveries for your IT teams.
  • Security—A centralized, single authentication point provides better security and limits the phishing potential over your network. We also support LDAP integration.

vHiveVoIP Global Office

Deliver a local presence on a global scale.

To effectively compete in the global marketplace, look for a service delivery network designed from the ground up to ensure unified, reliable, scalable, and secure business communications between globally distributed offices, employees, and customers. This is the key to delivering a high-quality local presence on a global scale. vHiveVoip’s Global Network is designed to do just that.

It allows you to:

  • Connect your global workforce securely with carrier-grade quality communications.
  • Manage your global phone system and your remote users, and add new lines and extensions from a single administration portal.
  • Activate international numbers instantly as needed.
  • Scale your phone system easily as your global business grows and changes.
  • Bundle minutes and flat fees to provide you with predictable costs month after month. Plus our mobility application allows users to make calls out of the PBX vs. their cellular plans to control expenses.

Simply put, vHiveVoip’s Global Network powers workforce productivity and customer engagement. It enables an internationally dispersed workforce to feel like a single, integrated office, and enables a multinational enterprise to feel local to customers, wherever they’re located.

Hot Desking & Twinning

Benefits of hot desking:

  • Provides a more personalized and familiar phone experience.
  • Allows employees to access their own extensions, profiles, voicemail, and other phone features while sitting at desks working in different offices.
  • Boosts productivity company-wide.
  • Lets field sales and remote employees work in a variety of spaces when visiting different offices.
  • An employee can have calls ring their desk phone and mobile device simultaneously and seamlessly move calls from one to the other.
  • Reduces your investment in facilities and hardware across offices.
  • Maximizes usage per phone by allowing employees with flexible schedules, remote workers, and those traveling on business to use shared phones while working on premise.

Communications in today’s business environment demands the most flexible and easy to use solutions.
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Multi- Media

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