What are the differences between the Auto-Receptionist and this new Multi-Level IVR?

Multi-Level IVR is an optional alternative to Auto-Receptionist that provides more powerful options to route incoming calls.
Multi-Level IVR gives you flexibility to create a structured, multiple-layer phone routing menu. You can route the calls to any
extension (e.g. user, group, or another IVR menu), a voicemail, or to an external number. It is ideal for multiple locations
under one account. And to ensure the highest customer satisfaction, there are always options to speak to a live receptionist
if desired

Let’s face it…some callers are more important! With vHiveVoIP’s robust IVR system you can assign a priority to a Caller
ID or even the Called Number to expedite or route calls more accurately. Plus, CAD (Call Added Data) can be attached to each
call like an account number or code that will present to your staff