Deliver a local presence on a global scale.

To effectively compete in the global marketplace, look for a service delivery network designed from the ground up to ensure unified, reliable, scalable, and secure business communications between globally distributed offices, employees, and customers.

This is the key to delivering a high-quality local presence on a global scale. vHiveVoIP’s Global Network is designed to do just that.

It allows you to:

  • Connect your global workforce securely with carrier-grade quality communications.
  • Manage your global phone system and your remote users, and add new lines and extensions from a single administration portal.
  • Activate international numbers instantly as needed.
  • Scale your phone system easily as your global business grows and changes.
  • Bundle minutes and flat fees to provide you with predictable costs month after month. Plus our mobility application allows users to make calls out of the PBX vs. their cellular plans to control expenses
  • Simply put, vHiveVoIP’s Global Network powers workforce productivity and customer engagement. It enables an internationally dispersed workforce to feel like a single, integrated office, and enables a multinational enterprise to feel local to customers, wherever they’re located