As a supervisor of sales and support agents, you can better coach and train your staff with access to your teams’ phone calls with clients, prospects, and customers. You can monitor calls in real time, whisper to your employees, enter conversations, and even take over calls.

Benefits of call monitoring:

Train your sales and support staff during live calls.

  • Managers can listen in from desk phones or ZAC Softphone. Hearing firsthand how sales and support teams relate to customers, leads, and clients is a valuable resource for evaluation and training.
  • With a simple key command or click of a mouse, you can call whisper directly to your representatives during active calls. The customer doesn’t hear anything; only the employee is privy to on-the-fly directions and suggestions, constructive ideas, sales tips, references to information for aiding support on products, how-to instructions, and more.
  • Call barge-in is another quick key command that empowers managers to jump into a call. The representative is still on the line, but the manager can speak to both the employee and caller. When the need arises, it’s an invaluable tool for steering conversations in the right direction—clarifying details, providing diplomacy during contentious situations, and sharing insights.
  • Being able to take over a call is a tactical advantage. Sometimes leadership is needed to manage either the next phase of a sales deal or a multifaceted support ticket. Managers can easily hop onto the call and relieve the sales or support agent.
  • With the Instant Messaging included with every ZAC client, employees can request assistance or ask questions real time