While our basic service is great for most startups and small businesses, some entrepreneurs need a few more bells and whistles to get the most out of their phone system. That’s why vHive VoIP offers additional services that help your small business look and sound big while keeping your phone bill small.

Toll Free Number
All toll free numbers require a base monthly fee, and there is a per minute charge for the inbound call.
Additional Local Phone Numbers
For each VoIP extension we will port and maintain one phone number or DID (direct inward dial).
Mobile Extension Only
For extensions that will not need a physical IP phone and all calls will be routed to a cell or land line.
Max Mobile Add-On
Available as the Altigen Smartphone app for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Billed per smartphone plus setup charge.
Automatic Call Recording
Each extension has a free on-demand call recording feature. We also offer full-time recording with includes access to the Voice Recording Manager search, play and archive utility tool.
Increase outbound call performance by prerecording various voicemail messages and then click on MaxCall to deliver the message to users’ mailboxes while agent moves on to next call.

…starting at $15.95