Dawn Dill Recruiting

In my very competitive field, the ability to seamlessly receive calls is critical. With vHive VoIP’s mobile app, I can easily juggle the challenges of being a mom AND an executive that’s always available to clients or candidates! Plus, their multiple call waiting allows me to prioritize what calls I need to take quickly and efficiently. Dawn D.

ELJ Aviation

My clients need to be able to reach us at all hours to schedule a flight or charter. With vHive VoIP’s “one number find me” option and MaxMobile application, I can be reached anywhere in the world at any time. Plus, my assistant can seamlessly transfer or conference me in on a call with a click of a mouse.Eric N.

The Mending Group

We use vHive VoIP’s services to provide private and confidential communications to the individual therapists. Each therapist can have their own practice and a DID phone number for their clients’ use. Using the “one number find me” and message notification features that are standard with the vHive VoIP service, they can respond promptly to the requests for appointments or crisis calls.

211 Tampa Bay Cares

vHive VoIP set our staff up on the MaxMobile software and the iFusion Bluetooth station, which combined the best features of the iPhone with the convenience of a desktop speakerphone. The team can now communicate seamlessly throughout our facility or from the field. And since 211TBC is part of the disaster plan for our county’s EOC, they can easily relocate wherever they are needed.Micki Thompson

BOGO Printing

BOGO Printing relies on vHive VoIP’s hosted virtual PBX to help us maintain our professional image, minimize costs and ensure that customers can always reach us. The security and stability of vHive’s hosted platform ensures that even if we’re not near our desks, customer calls are automatically rerouted to our team’s smartphones and the call quality remains crystal clear!John S.