Features of the MXIE and ZAC client software with integrated softphone:


  • One-click to call – start/receive and control calls via mouse, keyboard or telephone
  • Built-in softphone
  • MXvideo™ high definition video calling between MXIE users
  • MXconnect™ lets you make any phone your business phone, and maintain call control through MXIE
  • Find Me/Follow Me to 17 call points
  • Twinning – ring desk and mobile
  • View presence and presence notes of all users
  • Collaborate via secure Instant Messages
  • MS Outlook integration (address book, email, dial)
  • Buddy lists and speed dial
  • Screen pops display incoming caller information
  • Voicemail
  • Launch interactive web conferences
  • Supports: Windows/Apple/Linux and thin clients
  • Send, receive and archive fax messages
  • Remember every call and IM (logs, call recording)
  • Record all Calls from any phone
  • Contact Center and Operator functions, including Call Attached Data (wrap-up and account codes), Hold, Transfer, Park, etc.)
  • All roles in one easy window for User, Operators and Contact Center Agents
  • Create Call Handling Rules to manage call routing
  • Integrate with CRM and other business applications
  • ScreenDial™ lets you call from any webpage, document or electronic record
  • Multi-language support

With our MXIE client software and recently introduced ZAC, you can manage your entire phone system from your desktop computer or smart devices for all users across all office or telecommuter locations. You have complete control, using a familiar, user-friendly interface with check boxes, dropdown menus, and fill-in text fields.

It’s easy to add and change users or the profiles they belong to, assign phones, manage extensions and groups anytime from anywhere in the world. No need to tie up your IT department or schedule a visit from an expensive contractor or a phone-company technician. Best of all, your users can manage most of their own settings and preferences from their own computers and smartphones. So, they take less of your time and resources.

When you see how easy it is to manage your vHiveVoIP cloud phone system, you will never look back!

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